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Contact: Badger spotted in Cambridge, Massachusetts

I  received  Badger  in  the  mail  from  Phototag  HQ  (a  pleasant  surprise  after  having  emailed  them  last  May  about  maybe  getting  a  phototag  camera).    The  day  I  received  it  I  was  heavily  into  writing  a  paper  (I'm  a  student  at  Harvard  University).    I  wanted  to  save  it  for  a  special  picture,  but  while  I  was  sitting  there  working  on  my  paper,  it  just  kept...  staring  at  me!    I  couldn't  help  myself--I  took  a  photo  of  the  huge  pile  of  papers  and  books  and  things  that  were  on  my  desk  because  I  was  writing  the  paper.    

I  passed  on  badger  last  night  at  my  friend  Andrea's  20th  birthday  party--I'm  pretty  sure  she  took  a  photo  at  the  party,  but  we'll  see...

Release: Badger set free in Cambridge, MA

Badger travels to Harvard Square... Cambridge, MA.

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