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Contact: Panda spotted in Denver, CO

Over  a  year  later  after  I  contacted  Rick  and  asked  to  be  on  the  mailing  list,  I  was  pleasantly  surprised  to  find  the  little  Panda  waiting  for  me  in  my  mailbox!  Originally  I  had  several  ideas  for  photos  to  take,  but  had  forgotten  them.  I  decided  on  my  way  into  school/work  that  I  would  take  a  picture  of  downtown  Denver  from  the  campus  I  attend  and  work  at.  I  took  the  picture  from  the  top  of  the  Plaza  building  looking  back  at  the  skyline,  and  then  promptly  passed  it  off  to  my  supervisor  at  work.  
Thanks  Rick!  

Contact: Panda spotted in Pershore, Worcestershire

I  took  a  shot  of  my  office,  which  is  famous  on  the  Auraria  campus  for  its  collection  of  interesting...  well,  junk.  I'm  sending  the  camera  to  my  friend  Robert  in  England  so  it  can  be  a  more  international  panda.

Release: Panda set free in Aurora, CO

Panda waddles to Aurora, CO

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