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Our PO Box has changed!

If you find a Phototag camera in wild please mail it to Phototag / PO BOX 162 / Bloomington, IN 47402. Thanks!

Incoming pictures from PhotoTag cameras: Bison, Squid, Toad, Turtle, Shark, Cow, Zebra & Chimp!

Bison returns home (on the range) after 5+ years. See the pictures here. Squid goes around the world in 99 days! View Squid's pictures. Toad returns from Chicago and somewhere much warmer -- view Toad's pictures. Around the world in 718 Days: Turtle is back from India! Take a look... Shark has come home after 609 days! Take a look at the pictures! Cow seems to have wandered the San Francisco area -- here are the pics. Zebra made its way from Wisconsin, through Indiana, and into New York -- pics here. Chimp has also returned from Florida and you can check out Chimp's pictures right here.

About Phototag

Phototag is a community photography project where we retrofit cheap disposable cameras with shiny new packaging, artwork, instructions and return postage. Each camera is then passed along to friends and strangers with the request that they take one picture and pass it along to someone else. (Phototaggers can also report on their experiences at our website.) Once all the film is used up, the last Phototagger can simply drop the camera in the mailbox--the return address, postage and all the fine folks at the United State Postal Service will handle things from there. When we get the cameras back we post the pictures here on the Phototag website so everyone can see.

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Contact: Caribou spotted in Bloomington, IN

A  couple  of  goobers.

News: Rumors

Rumor has it that there may still be a PhotoTag camera floating around Bloomington, IN. If you find it or any others, please note that our PO Box has changed. Please send any cameras to our new address at: Phototag PO BOX 162 Bloomington, IN 47402

News: For the Archives

It has been almost 10 years since the first release and it looks unlikely that we will be getting any cameras back at this point. Probably best to consider this an archive of our little web project. Thanks everyone, it was fun!

News: Bison Migrates Home after more than 5 years

Bison has returned home after a long journey of 5 and a half years.

Contact: Monkey spotted in Fort Worth, Texas

My  dog  and  I  gave  the  camera  to  my  grandmother  in  Laward  Texas.

Contact: Elk spotted in International Airspace, unknown

I  made  my  exposure  (I  did  not  SHOOT  it,  as  I  was  trained  as  a  school  portrait  photographer).    I  made  the  exposure  near  the  border  of  Sharon  and  South  Royalton,  Windsor  County,  Vermont.    In  the  exposure  I  made  a  self  portrait  with  the  largest  single  largest  continuous  shaft  of  polished  granite  in  the  world,  which  is  the  Joseph  Smith  Birthplace  Memorial.    The  shaft  is  33.5  feet  tall,  one  foot  for  every  year  of  the  Prophet  Joseph  Smith's  life.    There  is  a  crack  in  it  where  it  was  struck  by  lightning.    This  is  a  major  pilgrimage  site  for  those  belonging  to  the  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter-day  Saints,  of  which  I  belong.

I  handed  the  phototag  camera  on  a  whim  to  a  stranger  on  my  voyage  to  Minnesota  to  visit  my  in-laws.    She  seemed  really  cool,  and  we  talked  a  lot  about  life,  our  plans,  and  our  interests.    She  was  totally  stoked  to  get  this  camera  from  me.    She  makes  leather  accessories  in  Los  Angeles  and  plays  the  guitar.

I  think  phototag  is  a  great  idea.    I  hope  that  the  Elk  comes  back  soon.    Elk  are  good  eating.    Bon  Appetit!

Jeremy  Robert  Furbish
FSP  -  MN2NH2004

Contact: Panda spotted in Pershore, Worcestershire

I  took  a  shot  of  my  office,  which  is  famous  on  the  Auraria  campus  for  its  collection  of  interesting...  well,  junk.  I'm  sending  the  camera  to  my  friend  Robert  in  England  so  it  can  be  a  more  international  panda.

Contact: Panda spotted in Denver, CO

Over  a  year  later  after  I  contacted  Rick  and  asked  to  be  on  the  mailing  list,  I  was  pleasantly  surprised  to  find  the  little  Panda  waiting  for  me  in  my  mailbox!  Originally  I  had  several  ideas  for  photos  to  take,  but  had  forgotten  them.  I  decided  on  my  way  into  school/work  that  I  would  take  a  picture  of  downtown  Denver  from  the  campus  I  attend  and  work  at.  I  took  the  picture  from  the  top  of  the  Plaza  building  looking  back  at  the  skyline,  and  then  promptly  passed  it  off  to  my  supervisor  at  work.  
Thanks  Rick!  

Contact: Badger spotted in Cambridge, Massachusetts

I  received  Badger  in  the  mail  from  Phototag  HQ  (a  pleasant  surprise  after  having  emailed  them  last  May  about  maybe  getting  a  phototag  camera).    The  day  I  received  it  I  was  heavily  into  writing  a  paper  (I'm  a  student  at  Harvard  University).    I  wanted  to  save  it  for  a  special  picture,  but  while  I  was  sitting  there  working  on  my  paper,  it  just  kept...  staring  at  me!    I  couldn't  help  myself--I  took  a  photo  of  the  huge  pile  of  papers  and  books  and  things  that  were  on  my  desk  because  I  was  writing  the  paper.    

I  passed  on  badger  last  night  at  my  friend  Andrea's  20th  birthday  party--I'm  pretty  sure  she  took  a  photo  at  the  party,  but  we'll  see...

Release: Monkey set free in Ft. Worth, TX

Monkey discovers Ft. Worth, TX
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