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Contact: Kangaroo spotted in St. Louis, MO

great  project!  i  was  handed  kangaroo  in  bloomington,  did  not  take  a  picture  but  passed  it  to  a  friend  who  passed  it  to  another  b-town  kid  who  handed  it  back  to  me..  i  then  made  my  way  back  to  salem,  illinois.  i  was  going  to  pass  kangaroo  to  my  mom  but  she  took  a  pic  before  i  did  (#3  while  still  in  the  car--a  typical  scene  of  everyday  life)..  i  then  took  a  picture  (#4  typical  visions,  a  particular  friend  in  the  backyard),  and  then  passed  it  along  to  some  really  cool  girls  in  st.louis..  sorry  it  got  all  backwards!

Contact: Owl spotted in Chicago, IL

I  was  captivated  by  a  local  clip  joint  in  Chicago  that  was  just  below  our  hotel  with  the  oh  so  catchy  name  of  Curl  Up  and  Dye.  I  think  that  says  it  all.  The  camera  was  then  handed  off  to  a  friend  for  a  photo  op  on  the  long  ride  home.  I  think  this  is  great...I  can't  wait  to  see  where  my  little  owl  friend  ends  up.  It  was  hard  to  let  him  go.  Farewell  owl...til  we  meet  again.

Release: Kangaroo set free in Bloomington, IN

Kangaroo was released in Bloomington and is now on its way westward to Champaign, IL.

Release: Wombat set free in Chesterfield, MO

Wombat is now making its way to Chesterfield, Missouri.

Contact: Lemur spotted in Louisville, KY

I  took  a  picture  of  a  one-armed  lemur  in  the  Louisville  Zoo.    He  was  very  crafty  and  able  to  climb  just  as  well  as  the  two-armed  lemurs.    I  left  the  camera  in  the  monkey  house  at  the  zoo.    I  am  able  to  report  it  was  picked  up  by  an  elderly  couple  and  carried  out.    Hopefully  they  will  continue  to  follow  the  directions!

Release: Mouse set free in Amo, IN

Mouse has begun its voyage with a special postal release in Indiana.

Release: Bear set free in Boston, MA

Bye bye bear. I took the first picture with this camera at the St. Etiene show because I couldn't resist. I sneakily left the camera amidst the guitar pedals after the band left the stage in the hope a member or a roadie would pick it up. We'll see!

News: Animal-cams to be released into the wild

In the coming week 5 PhotoTag cams will be released into the wild. They are bear, mouse, lizard, rabbit and frog. Susan and I put them together yesterday.
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