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Contact: Snake spotted in Fort Myers, FL

This  was  really  cool.  Someone  left  it  at  our  resteraunt  in  
Ft.  Myers  Beach.  Fl  they  must  have  been  on  vacation  or  something?
Anyways  we  all  took  a  picture  with  our  green  beers  because  it  was  
St  Patricks  day!  We  all  went  out  and  got  drunk  and  gave  the  camera  away.
It  was  really  hard  to  do  that!

Release: Manatee set free in Jersey City, NJ

Manatee was subtly released in Jersey City. Bon voyage...

Contact: Horse spotted in Minneapolis, MN

I  may,  or  may  have  not,  have  taken  two  photos  with  the  camera.  I  know,  I  know,  you're  only  supposed  to  take  one.  But  I  fear  that  the  first  one  might  have  been  a  seriously  boring  one  of  me  and  my  husband.  So,  I  felt  that  to  be  on  the  safe  side,  I  would  make  up  for  it  by  taking  one  of  a  celebrity!  Mary  Tyler  Moore  was  in  Mpls  today  for  the  unveiling  of  TVLand's  statue  of  her.  If  it  actually  came  out,  both  MTM  and  said  statue  should  be  included.

I  was  given  the  camera  by  a  friend  who  I  originally  met  at  college  in  good  old  Bloomington,  Ind,  and  will  be  passing  it  along  to  another  college  friend  of  ours...who  is  now  my  sister  in  lil  camera  is  off  to  Wash,  DC!

I  admit  I  thought  receiving  this  thing  was  a  pain  and  was  kind  of  uninspired,  but  I'm  sure  I'll  like  seeing  the  photos  once  they  make  it  back.  It  is  a  cool  idea.

Go,  horse,  go!  

Contact: Otter spotted in Bloomington, IN

Phototag  received  an  award  for  best  creative  programming  project  at  the  first  annual  IDEAS  festival  in  Bloomington,  Indiana.    Thom  G.the  M.C.  returned  the  camera  I  had  sent  in  as  part  of  the  IDEAS  submission  so  I  could  take  a  picture  of  the  audience  and  send  the  camera  on  its  way.      A  big  thanks  to  everyone  involved  with  this  year's  IDEASfest!    

Release: Otter set free in Bloomington, IN

Otter lept into the great unknown this evening during the IDEAS Festival awards ceremony. Fare well...

News: Cow has come home

Cow has returned from it's journey to and from the San Francisco Bay area with a treetop stop, a sky scraper shot and more in between.

Contact: Snake spotted in Indianapolis, IN

After  searching  around  the  Indianapolis  area  for  a  decent  photo  opportunity  I  decided  on  a  scene  of  the  Indiana  State  House  with  a  shadow  onto  an  adjacent  government  building.    The  camera  has  since  been  handed  off  to  a  friend  and  co-worker  to  travel  south  in  search  of  warmer  weather.    Did  somebody  say  "SPRING  BREAK!?"

Contact: Bunyip spotted in Los Angeles, CA

I  shot    an  abandoned  car  wreckage  yard  in  29  palms,  don't  think  anyone  else  has  been  out  there  in  years...should  be  good..handed  little  bunyip  off  to  brother,  very  trust  worthy...should  surface  soon!

Release: Snake set free in Bloomington, IN

The latest release: Snake

Release: Bison set free in Bloomington, IN

Bison migrates to greener pastures...
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