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Contact: Zebra spotted in ???, IN

Well  Zebra  was  in  hibernation  for  about  2  months  from  making  the  long  trip  to  Milwaukee.  But  then  for  a  week  I  went  on  the  road  with  my  dad  who  is  a  truck  driver.    I  took  a  pic  of  the  mirror  on  the  truck...kinda  hard  to  describe...going  foward  looking  backward
I  tried  to  pass  it  off  to  a  lady  in  a  truck  stop  but  she  thought  I  was  nuts  (which  I  am  anyway)  so  I  told  the  waitress  about  it  and  she  said  I  could  leave  it  on  the  counter  for  the  next  person  who  sat  there.    So  now  Zebra  is  in  the  trucking  community...God  only  knows  where  he  will  end  up.

P.S    It  was  either  in  OH  or  IN  where  I  left  him...could  not  remember

Contact: Owl spotted in Phoenix, AZ

When  I  got  the  camera,  being  a  photographer  I  was  very  much  excited.  It's  a  wonderful  idea!!  I  lived  in  Phoenix  at  the  time  and  just  wanted  to  take  something  that  was  not  desert.  I  took  a  picture  of  a  man  playing  with  a  bango  in  front  of  the  library.  More  interesting  then  it  sounds,  just  wait  to  see.  I  had  to  share  the  camera  with  those  so  far  away,  to  see  what  they  see.  Since  I  haven't  been  there  myself.  It  should  have  travelled  to  London  and  Sydney,  and  shortly  the  Owl  will  be  flying  back  to  the  states.  Where  I  will  receive  it  again  in  my  new  location  of  Los  Angeles,  I  will  hand  it  over  to  someone  else  once  again.  I'm  very  excited  to  see  the  pictures.  I  hope  they  are  as  imaginative  as  the  idea  of  the  camera  itself.
Good  jobs  folks.

Contact: Chimp spotted in miami, FL

fiction  :::

a  shot  of  the  daily  bugle's  
stale,  monochromatic,  dismally  gray            
newspaper  office  where  peter  parker,  
photographer  at  large,  works.                                            

i  went  to  visit  parker  
to  score  information  on  
spiderman,  friendly  neighborhood  spiderman,  
but  instead  encountered  a  row  of  empty  desks  
upon  which  days-old  bagels  sat  in  decay.                                                                                                                                      
nonfiction  :::                                                                                                                                      
chimp,  the  camera,  arrived  during  my  last  days  in  miami,  
which  were  actually  spent  in  pretendland  theme  parks  with  my  family:    mom,  sis  and  friend.    

knowing  that  i  would  not  have  the  time  to                    
elian  gonzalez?s  shrine  in  little  havana  
before  my  departure,  
i  took  the  first  shot  
in  a  universal  studio's  theme  park,  orlando  
(is  it  really  raining?)  and  
have  since  then  passed  chimp  on  to  my  sister.    

psst.  .  
come  closer.  .  .


here?s  a  secret  
not  to  be  told  to  anyone  .  .  .  
i  actually  had  
fun  at  the  
damn  theme  park.    

Contact: Wombat spotted in Fort Lupton, CO

Interstate  70,  mile  marker  73.  About  halfway  between  Effingham  and  Vandalia,  IL.  Westbound.

I  was  hoping  to  take  Wombat  photo  #24  a  bit  further  west  down  this  same  stretch  of  road,  but  three  months  have  passed  and  I?m  still  just  ricocheting  about  the  Midwest.  I  never  feel  quite  as  lucid  as  I  do  pushing  80  across  the  interstate  with  the  windows  down,  greasing  the  wheels  of  my  imagination,  the  vibration  of  the  road  sifting  free  the  dust  of  dead  thoughts  that  have  accumulated  between  my  neural  synapses,  and  the  wind  creating  a  vacuum  to  suck  them  out  the  window.  So  here  I  am  cutting  through  the  heartland  on  a  250+  mile  stretch  of  road  I  could  drive  in  my  sleep,  left  hand  on  the  steering  wheel,  right,  pen  in  hand  -  

Glance  Rearview.  
Glance  Front  Window.
Jot  down  thought.  
Glance  Speedometer.  

Glance  Rearview.  
Glance  Front  Window.  
Jot  down  thought.  
Glance  Cop.  
Glance  Speedometer.  

(In  case  you  would  like  to  attempt  such  a  feat,  I  recommend  felt-tipped  or  uni-ball  pens.)  

Prairie  bleeds  into  farmland  bleeds  into  forest  bleeds  into  stagnant  swamp  foaming  neon  green  sludge  bleeds  into  the  rolling  hills  of  a  garbage  dump  bleeds  into  city  bleeds  into  urban  sprawl  bleeds  into  farmland  bleeds  into  prairie.  The  world  becomes  your  own  moving  diorama.  Or  one  of  those  *movies*  you  made  as  a  kid  with  a  roll  of  paper,  a  shoe-box  with  a  rectangular  viewing  hole  cut  out,  and  two  pencils  for  spindles.  

Wombat  photo  #24  is  scene  73.  enroute  to  Fort  Lupton,  CO.  

Release: Turtle set free in Waltham, MA

Turtle lumbers eastward on a mid-summer journey to Boston with well-wishes.

Release: Zebra set free in Milwaukee, WI

Zebra is on its way to Milwaukee, WI where adventures await.

Release: Vole set free in Bloomington, IN

Vole left the nest in Bloomington just before the Plastic Cheeses show. Bon Voyage!

News: 4 New Camera Critters

A new batch of cameras are shipping out. Stayed tuned for the upcoming release of chimp, zebra, vole and turtle.

Release: Chimp set free in Miami, FL

Chimp is on his way to sunny Miami. Fun in the sun awaits. Via con dios mi amigo!

Release: Lemming set free in Chicago, IL

I'm happy to report that Lemming is now scurrying about in the Chicago, Illinois area--possibly westward bound to California...
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